I have had the distinct pleasure to know some real gentlemen in my time. Author John Bridges, Robert Perlstein, Esq. Robert Bennett, his late father and grandfather, Bob Bennett and George Cartledge, LeGrand Leseur, Ted Clayton, P.Jeffery Loring and my dear friend, Barry Wishnow. I would also include my late father Dr. Herbert L. Keaton and my high school English teacher, Gerald Carter. But then again, I suppose I really do not know that many… and that is truly sad.

The idea of being of being a gentleman seems to be lost on most…simple things like standing when a lady arrives at or leaves the table or offering a firm handshake or taking off your hat indoors. Things like holding the door for strangers, smiling and making eye contact….it really isn’t rocket science.

Civility, chivalry and just a hint of comedy go a long way in today’s hustle and bustle society. It makes people really take notice of you (which, of course, is never a bad thing).

Most of the things I suggest are easy to do but they are also easy not to do. This column is intended for those who know the difference and for those who believe the world could use a little more civility, chivalry and comic relief from time to time. And it is my hallucination that if you are visiting this site, you are one who knows the difference.

Now don’t get me wrong, being a gentleman is no laughing matter. It is serious business. But it’s also not something one should take so seriously that one can’t smile or laugh once in a while, especially at one’s self.

Therefore, the idea of the column is to impart a few pearls of wisdom sprinkled with (hopefully) some humor, that will help you, my dear reader, to remember to please be a gentleman.