These ideas about being a gentleman and treating others respectfully are fairly simple… civility, chivalry and just a hint of comedy go a long way in this world. It makes people really take notice of you (which, as I’ve said before, is never a bad thing).

Please know that I am no expert on being a gentleman. I am a work in progress…learning as I go (mainly from my own missteps, faux pas and “OMG, did I REALLY just do that?” moments). However, I maintain that each of us should strive to be better, kinder, gentler and more polite every day.

Put on your seatbelts and let’s begin….

A gentleman never asks, “May I be honest with you?”, because he always is….brutally. (Politeness Man) As we’ve all heard before, honesty truly is the best policy. However, now and then a little white lie is okay, like when she asks, “Do these jeans make me look fat?”

A gentleman knows that wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy. (Politeness Man, thanks, Ben Franklin) As an avid wine enthusiast, I would offer an unapologetic, “Hear, hear!” (And, yes, according to, this spelling is correct and one knows that one can ALWAYS believe what one reads on the internet!)

A gentleman always honors his father. (Politeness Man) I looked to my father for instruction and he never steered me wrong. Here’s hoping you had a similar relationship.

A gentleman always honors his mother. (Politeness Man) Why? Because she has a swift and effective backhand…(just, kidding, Mom!)

A gentleman knows no strangers. (Politeness Man) Being friendly never goes out of style and a gentleman should always introduce himself to anyone he meets. It also pays dividends to be nice because one never knows when you may meet again and the stranger could be a judge….

A gentleman awlays checks his spelling. (Polietness Man) This pretty much sums it up.

A gentleman knows that speaking up is important but even more important is knowing when to be quiet. (Politeness Man) Have you ever told the wrong off color joke to the wrong audience…or find yourself complaining to someone in no uncertain terms that you had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the $#4+!! MISTAKE only to find the person wasn’t even speaking to you? If so, then you understand the reason for this rule.

Part Two

A gentleman knows you only live once but if you do it right, that’s all it takes. (Politeness Man, thanks Mae West) Miss West knew all about living right. We should follow her example…only the best wine…only the best food and enjoy the company of only the of friends!!

A gentleman knows the difference between preparing to live and really living. (Politeness Man) As we say down south, “Fixin’ to or gettin’ ready to ain’t doin’ it!” Get out there and live, gentlemen!

A gentleman always calls a taxi for friends who over indulge. (Politeness Man)

Over imbibing is no crime…driving while intoxicated is…and it’s also stupid and inconsiderate and a real gentleman would never allow a friend to drive in that condition.

A gentleman knows parking meters remind us that we lose money standing still. (Politeness Man) Just ponder this one for a moment…now, discuss.

A gentleman knows that every sixty seconds of anger costs a minute of happiness. (Politeness Man ) If you’re still angry about the last statement, get over it!!!

A gentleman know that the most important thing you should hear isn’t always what is said. (Politeness Man) The lesson here is simple…paying attention costs us nothing. Not paying attention can be very expensive. We should all pay more attention.

Until next time, friends….#BePolite