Yeah, I know…you’ve heard about it, right? The man bag. The messenger bag. The satchel. The portfolio bag. The tote. Whatever…

It’s a murse. Go on, say it, “Murse.” Let it roll slowly off your tongue, “Muuuurrrssse.” Feels good, doesn’t it? Well, get comfortable with it because it’s time has come. In fact, it’s been here for awhile.

For nearly a year, stylish trend setters, musicians, actors and others in the know have been sporting smaller versions of the classic murse worn cross body like a messenger bag.

All of the major designers including Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton featured them on runways this year and even Adidas, Burberry and Coach have brought their versions to market.

And now the murse is showing up in all of the major style magazines. The trend is here. Now. And, you dear reader, should be at the forefront of this instead of chasing behind trying desperately to catch up like some lost lemming (I KNOW that is not you!)

Face it, when you’re sporting a slim fit suit, tailored to fit like a bespoke (you did that, right?), do you really want your keys or smartphone making an unsightly bulge on your thigh or elsewhere? Man up!

Or when you’re rocking your new jeans do you really want that wallet in your back or front pocket? The much maligned murse is the answer. Stylish, elegant, smart and useful!

Step up. Be that guy. The gentleman one step ahead of his group of friends and embrace the trend. Trust me, the murse is not going away.

Rest assured you are making the right move whether you go for the full-on murse or the smaller version.

WARNING: Just to be clear, I am absolutely, positively NOT talking about a fanny pack. That’s another story for another column.

Until next time, friends….#BePolite